Scottish Government Launches Community-Led Design Grant Fund

The Scottish Government is providing a total of £275,000 for 2017/18. The level of grant will be determined by the nature of the project. In most cases, the Scottish Government will fund 50% of the total project cost. Match funding is required. The funding is to deliver a range of participatory design and place-based workshops thereby enabling communities to arrive at a vision for their place and make the best use of their assets.

There will be a particular focus on community design processes that pilot or support potential models to support the development of local place plans.

Whatever the focus of the project, all applicants must set out:

· How the design process will support the positive development of the place.

· Reasons why the particular approach has been chosen.

· How the chosen approach will offer value for money.

All proposals must involve communities directly in some element of a creative, design process with a physical output such as plans, drawings, and actions.

Properly constituted community groups, third sector organisations, local authorities and anyone involved in the design, planning or delivery of regeneration projects or new development based in Scotland can apply.

The deadline for applications is 13 October 2017.


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