Live Stream: Social and Health Care Services Network Meeting 2019

Wednesday 27 November

On 27-28 November, Eurodiaconia will host - along with our members Caritaslaiset and Oulu Deaconess Institute - our annual Social and Health Care Services network meeting in Oulu, Finland.

As you are aware, due to the restricted resources available, Eurodiaconia can only guarantee a limited number of participants for each meeting. Therefore, Eurodiaconia has committed to making its network meetings more accessible for members using live streaming technology. This will not only provide an opportunity for our members to virtually join a network meeting but it will also make our meetings more interactive, allowing a wider contribution from our members’ social workers and users.

Please note this is our first attempt to live-stream one of our network meetings and you are more than welcome to help Eurodiaconia to make this positive development a success.

Why this network meeting is important for some of your staff?

The purpose of this network is to provide a forum for Eurodiaconia members to share good practice in long-term care and to learn from the approaches of others. It also aims to identify the challenges faced by members and discuss potential solutions. This includes discussing what political solutions could be found at national and EU levels, as well as to look deeper into the increasingly important domain of digital health and smart care, including an opportunity to learn about the Residents’ Assessment Instrument, a tool which helps facility staff to gather definitive information on a resident’s strengths and needs in a wide range of areas.

Agenda and invitation

Please find the meeting agenda online and take note that only the 3 sessions clearly specified in the agenda will be in the form of a live stream .

How can you support this first attempt?

Please identify skilled and suitable staff who may be interested in this meeting and ask them to register online. Joining the meeting is easy. The only thing they will need is to click on the registration link they will be sent via email, plus a webcam and a microphone.

How much time will the meeting take them?

We understand attending an online meeting is not as fun as in real life. This is the reason why we will only live-stream the sessions on best practice sharing and smart care in the healthcare system. The live streaming will take place on Wednesday 27th November from 10.30 am - 3 pm GMT+2 (with a one-hour lunch break). Please take note that your staff can join the entire streaming or only the sessions they are interested the most.

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