Celebrating 150 years of Social Care Delivery

The history of CrossReach stretches back 150 years to the formation of the Church of Scotland Committee on Christian Life and Work in 1869. Throughout this time CrossReach and its predecessor bodies have worked in communities all over Scotland and beyond, providing social care for those most in need. The services provided have been as numerous as they are varied and have adapted to respond to the needs of the time, in keeping with the CrossReach ethos:

“In Christ’s name we seek to support people to achieve the highest quality of life which they are capable of achieving at any given time.”

In celebration, a free to visit exhibition was launched on Sunday 19th May 2019. Using a variety of immersive resources and technology, it take visitors on a journey through time from 1869. It showcases the story, including testimonials of the people who have been supported and of the people delivering that support. It also provides information on how you can be part of the story too.

The exhibition will be on display in a variety of venues and locations throughout the coming months.

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